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Work With Laura

Commitment to change-

These two words used individually can make a person run for the hills. Most people are adverse to change, some people are nervous to make a commitment. I can assure you, that if you make the commitment to change your situation, you will be happier as will those around you. Change occurs when we have awareness and then make the decision to take action. You already have the awareness that things are not good, maybe even toxic. Why not take the next step to change it?

Ways to work with Laura …

In Person-

I am all about building relationships and I believe in person is the ideal situation for that. Don’t live nearby? People choose to travel when they know they will get results. Would you prefer I travel to you? I will travel, rates vary by distance.

Skype with Laura-

Skype isn’t just for family and friends. I have coached couples as well as individuals via Skype spanning from Australia to the United Kingdom.


Couples recognize the greatest success with sessions that are two hours in length. If you have been in traditional counseling or therapy before and felt like it was over before it started, you will understand. Sessions for individuals are one hour in length. Bundled sessions of 4, 8 and 26 recognize a substantial savings. Contact Laura for available times and rates.





Work with Laura
About  Laura



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