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Life has an interesting way of showing us what we need, doesn’t it? How many relationships have we endured, ended maybe even resurrected out of desperation? If you’re here, chances are you would like to be in a successful, fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Would you like to...

  • Discover what your blocks are?

  • Be able to respond rather than react?

  • Discover things about yourself that you didn’t know that are essential to making healthy relationship choices?

  • Learn who would be your best match?

  • Learn how to date recreationally without getting into a mini-marriage?

  • Develop healthy self-esteem?

  • Learn about boundaries? How to set, honor and hold them?

  • How to ease back into the scary world of dating after a long term relationship?

Working with Laura you will gain valuable insight integral to developing healthy relationships, beginning with your relationship with yourself. What sets Laura apart from other professionals is she only works with people around their relationship issues. While we won’t focus on the past, Laura will make connections as to how your past might be affecting your relationships today. Your life vision and life’s purpose are just two of the areas that will be explored in our work together.

Laura works with individuals in a private or group coaching sessions as well as delivers powerful workshops designed by the Relationship Coaching Institute. Conscious Dating and Readiness program as well as Conscious Dating and Self Discovery are registered trademarks of RCI and are only available to coaches that are certified with the Relationship Coaching Institute




Work with Laura

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Now located in two NH locations: Conway & Moultonborough NH

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